Painting, packing, shipment

Painting, packing, shipment

To meet our customer’s expectations and to improve the quality service , Elzamech finished the newest investment - Coating Shop. Modern facilities enable the processes of blasting, metallization and painting on the castings according to the customer’s requirements.  Thanks to the professional ventilation system our coating shop meets  health and safety standards.

Technical parameters: 

  • Dimension of the room: length 18 m, width 30 m, height 12,5 m.
  • Equipment: shot blasting cabin (5x5x5); metallization cabin (5x5x5)
  • Modern ventilation system
  • Detection system of gases, vapors and explosive solvents
  • Control module and a set of safety devices and warning.
  • Possibility of painting large-size castings weighting up to 20 tones. 

Packing according to customer requirements for example: castings on pallets and wrapped in foil, wooden crates, EURO pallets, UIC pallets etc.  

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