The sustainable development policy

The long-term purpose in development strategy for the foundry ELZAMECH Co. Ltd is to achieve a high economic efficiency taking into account the principles of preservation of the natural environment and the employees and local surrounding needs.

The base of the Company's policy in the scope of the sustainable development is to minimize influence of processes carried out on the natural environment and employees through:

  • considering environmental aspects and assessment of the risk in the entire cast manufacturing process, starting with the process
  • of purchasing, until realization of supplies of products to the Customer,
  • implementing and practicing innovative technologies of production meeting EU criteria of the best accessible technique (BAT)
  • for casting industry,
  • investing in high-fit systems protecting the environment and employees against excessive emission of harmful factors,
  • rational usage of the energy and applying installations that curb up using water and natural resources,
  • system and effective managing and monitoring natural environment and safety at work in accordance with requirements of ISO 14001 standards.

In our business activities we take into consideration the need of supporting development of the local community and actions for strengthening the legacy of national culture. We realize it through various forms of sponsorship in such areas as: sports, culture 
and science along with active cooperation with the local authority, scientific and artistic environment, social institutions and organizations
of the business surrounding.

We inform the involved Parties of effects of environmental and social actions taken by the Company through our own website, press publications and audio-visual presentations during fairs and meetings with customers, suppliers and other cooperating Parties.

Odlewnia Elzamech Sp. z o.o. is the prize-winner in the 7th edition of the competition "Employee-friendly Employer" under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Poland.

On 15th January 2015 the company CEO received the prize together with a certificate awarding to Odlewnia Elzamech Sp. z o.o. the prestigious title of the " Employee-friendly Employer". The members of the certification committee are the representatives of: the President of the Republic of Poland, KK NSZZ "Solidarnoœć" and Labour Protection Committee of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland.

It is the only prize in Poland which is awarded by the employees to employers.

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