The Employment and Personnel Management Policy

The personnel management is a crucial problem for the ELZAMECH Foundry which is a factor that decides of market predominance 
to a considerable extent.


The purpose of the Company in the scope of managing the staff is to create the work system based on the high effectiveness, through:

  • increasing engagement of employees in realization of purposes of the Company,
  • investing in their development,
  • motivating to achieving high effects.

We are aspiring for having the specialist and well qualified personnel in our resources which is associating opportunities of the professional promotion with development of the company. We are attaining it through recruiting right employees, the orientation and the professional development, as well as by creating favourable conditions of work.

Methods of the personnel management which have been introduced and used by us are:

  • system of assessments of employees,
  • system of trainings and assessment of the effectiveness of trainings,
  • assessment of employees' satisfaction,
  • planning paths of the professional career

Our incentive system is subjective treating the man and the system approach towards his functioning and development in the company, taking into consideration the principles of equal chances for women and men, non-discrimination for any reasons in the scope
of employment, remuneration, development and professional promotion. In our company we are aspiring to perform actions in accordance with the applying law, regulations and widely accepted standards of equal job opportunities.

In order to assure stability of employment there were worked out principles of rewarding, presented in the Plant Collective Agreement. 
The remuneration consists of the permanent and changeable element of an incentive character.

We support our employees in realization of professional ambitions caring in addition of growth of their satisfaction of working for ELZAMECH Foundry Co. Ltd. Elzamech Foundry aspiring for continuous raising the quality of living conditions of its employees has the system of social benefits that is applied on the basis of the Rules of the Social Services Company Fund.

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