Investment completed

I. Within the support originating from Expom II (PHARE) programme modernizations of two furnaces was accomplished. The task was completed in 2000.

II. In the period between 2005 and 2007 the Elzamech executed two projects with the participation from EU assistance programme SPOWKP, task 2.3.

With the help of the program hereof two projects were realized and settled with the value totaling to 3,909,800 PLN. The said projects were terminated in 2006 and 2007. The company settled both projects and received the relevant subventions for which it had applied for.

"ELZAMECH" Foundry has gained noticeable and positive experience as far as EU assistance programmes concerned.

The biggest Company's investments realized within the last two years comprise the following:

  • Sand reclamation, transmission and prefabrication line - encompassed the purchasing of: sand-mill, sand reclamation station, pneumatic transmission. Investment value: 2.832,100 PLN.
  • Purchasing of machines and devices (compressor station, knockout grid with feeding mechanism, IT system components with production process visualization) Investment value: 1.078,700 PLN.
  • Purchasing of gas reduction station as well as gas pipelines. Investment value: 150.000 PLN.
  • The start-up of our own machining section by installation of the modern Machining Centre DMC 200 FD made by DECKEL MAHO Company. The amount: 5.500,000 PLN.
  • Activation of the second division for machining treatment throughout installation of a modern machining centre CNC - DMC 340 FD made by Deckel Maho. Value: 11 050 thousands PLN

III. On 30 March 2012 Odlewnia Elzamech Sp. z o.o. with principal place of business in Elbląg completed the project “Implementation of modern integrated cast iron casting system”.

The essential part of this project was the procurement and installation of a 12-tonne induction melting furnace made by Otto Junker, with accessories and auxiliaries, including: a slender ladle for spheroidising annealing , quantometer, overhead traveling crane, wet dust extraction system and other equipment. Reference: Grants for innovation – We invest in your future”

Finished project permits us to market new products of the nodular cast iron of the weight up to 20 tons. These castings will be made by already employed new furnace and the current induction furnaces 5 Mg and 6 Mg.

Investment was realized within the Innovative Economy Programme 2007-2013 with participation of EU subventions.

Total cost of project: 9.066.859 PLN

Qualified expenses: 8.039.433,50 PLN

Grant value: 4.745.633,84 PLN

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In case of queries about the project in progress please contact Edward Krasiński.

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IV. In February 2015, ‘ELZAMECH’ Foundry has launched new machining centre Uni Force 7 by SHW Werkzeugsmaschinen Ltd.

Total investment value over 10 million PLN.

Launching Uni Force 7 is scheduled on 31st December 2014. The above mentioned machine will replace CNC DMC 340 FD.

Uni Force 7 machine

Machine parameters:
X axis = 10000 mm
Y axis = 4100 mm
Z axis = 1800 mm

1 milling – boring rotary table 2500 – table maximum load: 
- for boring 25000 kg 
- for milling 25000 kg 

1 milling rotary table 2500 x 2500 – table maximum load 30000 kg 

Tool warehouse: 90 pieces + PICK-UP station: 10 pieces

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„Implementation of an innovative simulation system for casting (pouring) and solidification and construction of metallographic test stands and casting test stand”

We hereby inform that on 30 July 2015 Elzamech Foudry completed the project „Implementation of an innovative simulation system for casting (pouring) and solidification and construction of metallographic test stands and casting test stand” under the Regional Operational Programme Warmia i Mazury for years 2007-2013 Priority Axis Entrepreneurship.

The main components of the aforementioned Project were as follows:

  • procurement of simulation system for pouring and solidification of casts together with a workstation.
  • procurement of measuring arm for castings
  • procurement of casting metallographic test laboratory equipment

The purpose of the project is to strengthen the position of our Company on the market by enhancing the quality of castings and production cost reduction. New integrated production process solutions have been introduced, reducing the new casting production implementation lead time and improving the castings produced so far.

Value of the Project: 961 981,77 PLN
including qualified expenditure: 782 099,00 PLN

Company’s own contribution: 437 975,44 PLN 56% of qualified expenditure.

Co-financing: 344 123,56 PLN 44 % of qualified expenditure.

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For more information about the Project please contact: Mr Edward Krasiński

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