The following cast iron types are melted by "ELZAMECH" Foundry:

  • grey cast iron according to PN-EN 1561 until 30,000 kg
    • EN-GJL-100
    • EN-GJL-150
    • EN-GJL-200
    • EN-GJL-250
    • EN-GJL-300
  • Nodular cast iron according to PN-EN 1563 until 20,000 kg
    • EN-GJS-400-18-LT (notched -bar value in low temperature)
    • EN-GJS-400-18-RT (notched-bar value in ambient temperature)
    • EN-GJS-400-18
    • EN-GJS-400-15
    • EN-GJS-500-7
    • EN-GJS-600-3
    • EN-GJS-700-2
  • alloy cast iron

Grey cast iron is smelted in the cupola, however nodular cast iron is smelted in the modern crucible furnace with capacity 12 Mg and efficiency 9270 kg/h and two inductive furnaces: PIT 6000 with capacity is 6 Mg and efficiency 18 Mg/day and PIT 5000 with capacity 5Mg and efficiency 10 Mg/day.

For the time being we remain the sole manufacturer of big castings intended for wind generators in Poland. Consequently to high worldwide demand for the nodular cast iron castings for wind generators and power turbines, the investment in the new furnace will give us a chance for intensive growth in the years to come.

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