Quality inspections

Quality inspections

We provide full range of quality checks on castings (chemical, metallographic   , strength,  flaw detection, 3D measurement) as well as consulting and technical advisory within the scope of foundry engineering. 

We use modern equipment to control the chemical composition of the liquid metal,  non-destructive tests. Metallographic, strength and dimensional inspection.  

List of Elzamech devices:

  • PROCEQ EQUOTIP hardness testing machine,
  • SPECTROMAXx Spectrometer,
  • Mitutoyo SJ-210 Profilometer,
  • Nikon ECLIPSE MA100L Metallurgical microscope,
  • ROMER Measuring arm,
  • LECO CS-244  Analyzer,
  • SCRATA acc. to ASTM A 802 - Standards for evaluation of the surfaces,
  • LIST-MAGNETIK MEGA-CHECK FE – the device for measuring paint thickness  .

List of devices for NON-destructive tests  used by our sub-supplier: 

  • SONATEST SS240 Ultrasonic flaw detector (for UT),
  • MY–2 Streaming detector (for MT),

List of devices for destructive tests used by our sub-supplier:

  • INSTRON 1341 Static and fatigue testing machine,
  • AMSLER 200KN testing machine,
  • WPM ZD20, ZD100, ZDM10  testing machines,
  • ZWICK 1445  testing machine,
  • Brinella, Vickersa i Rockwella Stacionary hardness testers,
  • ZWICK 5111 - 300J Demolition Hammer,
  • Creep testing machine (6 position).

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